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This is Macconext Security!

Macconext Information Security Limited is an Information Security and Research Company. Registered by the corporate affairs commission  established as leading providers of advanced technology services and suppliers of data security products in Nigeria & West Africa.

We develop and distribute professional products in the fields of Data recovery, Data destruction, Secure data storage, Security & Surveillance System (CCTV), Safety Equipment, Custom web/mobile application and Digital forensics for Institutions, organizations and government agencies.

Closely following the latest technologies, we always provide the most advanced IT solutions for our clients, including government departments, organizations, Institutions, financials, individuals  & SMEs.

IT Support (Outsourcing) Services

Our customised ICT/IT Support Services focus on providing fast, advanced, reliable and technical Support & Maintenance services which allows you to focus on business critical functions by leaving part or all of your IT support needs under the wings of a trusted service provide

256-Bit Hardware-Encrypted andHighly Secured Storage Solutions

With huge advancemenrs in technology and inter-connectivity, today’s workforce can work anytime,anywhere. At the same time, this double-edged sword exposes the mobile workforce  and entire organisation to cyber attackes and data compromise arising from a lack of security infrastructure in place for on-the-move computing.

In this digital age, data is one of the most crucial assets of enterprises,governments and societies . Data leakages due to theft, loss or repair of storage devices poses serious threats to both organisations and individuals causing catastrophic operational, reputational and financial damage.

We Have the Solutions to Protect You & Organisations Against Data Breaches

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